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Are you interested in links to other dance groups or information about the history of Morris?

Encyclopaedia Brittanica has articles on Morris dance and Cecil Sharp, a musician who collected and preserved folk music and dance during the early twentieth century.

Wikipedia’s article on Morris dance provides a good overview on the form’s history and styles.

The Morris Ring is an invaluable resource from across the pond. Of particular interest are the articles “Morris Dancing From the Cotswolds” and “Field Town,” as the Renegades dance in this tradition. Lengthier articles can be found in The Morris Ring’s journal, The Morris Dancer.

More information about Leafield (formerly known as Field Town) can be found on Wikipedia and the village’s homepage, which includes the history of the local Morris tradition.

“It’s street theatre really!”: A history of Cotswold Morris Dancing in the twentieth century is the 2017 Ph.D thesis of M. A. Garland, a historian and past Bagman and Squire of the Morris Ring.

Roy Dommet’s Morris Notes provide a wealth of information about the history and preservation of Morris traditions. The Fieldtown notes include some discussion of figures and distinctive nuances. Editions edited by anthropologist Anthony G. Berrand are also online.

The Morris Dancing and Teams Database provides information on different teams’ repertoires.

The ABC Library of Morris Tunes provides tunes for many Morris traditions and related dance types.

The Philadelphia region is a hotbed for folk dance and music. Other dance groups and resources of interest include: