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Website copyright Renegade Morris 2020–2022.

Please assume that everything on the website, except where otherwise indicated, was created by Renegade Morris or a member of Renegade Morris.

This all gets a bit fuzzy, as the side does not exist for legal purposes, we’re a bit easy going, the people who create photos are not necessarily the people who originally posted them, and so forth. If by some chance you wish to use any of the materials on this site (beyond linking, sharing on social media, and such), please contact the named creator and/or use our contact page. We’ll do our best to figure out who made a particular video or picture, who the subjects are, etc., and if your proposed use is okay with the folks involved.

Someday, we will clean up our metadata. But that day is not today.

But we do want to give a shout-out to some known creators whose work we link to on the Photographs and Videos pages:

  • Bill Quern shot the 2011 NEFFA videos of Lass of Richmond Hill, Steamfitters, and Three Musketeers
  • Scott Welsh shot the 2014 Bryn Mawr video of Evolution
  • Rachel Winslow took the 2009 May Day photos at Belmont Plateau and Bryn Mawr College