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Bryn Mawr May Day

We’re sorry that the class of 2020 (and those with red, dark blue, green, and purple lanterns) will not have the opportunity to celebrate Bryn Mawr’s May Day this year. It is a lovely event binding the community together—and therefore bigger than just one day.

Our video playlist includes past performances of Evolution and Balance the Straw in rain and shine. It’s not the same as dancing in front of (or under) Pem Arch, but it’s a reminder of tradition.

Anassa kata!

Four light blue Bryn Mawr lanterns, sitting on the ground in the darkness.
Lantern Night, November 2008. Credit: Amanda Cegielski, CC BY-ND 2.0.


May Day

This year’s May Day activities are curtailed due to the pandemic. We’ll miss gathering at Belmont Plateau with friends, dancing up the sun, and circling the maypole.

If you want to take a peek at the joyful jingling of May Days past, check out our playlist of 2011 and 2019 performances on Belmont Plateau. Dances include Abram Circle, Cuckoo’s Nest, Q-Bridge, and Steamfitters (in 2019 and 2011, when the set included three generations of dancers). Thanks to the Kingsessing Morris Men for the loan of their Fool.

May Day under lockdown

On May 1st, the Renegades will be socially distant (except in those cases of co-habitating Renegades) but virtually together. At 10:00 AM (Philadelphia time) we’ll meet via Zoom to say hello, eat brownies, and dance.

The musicians have been performing individual parts, which have been combined by Lawrence Miller and posted on YouTube. For your dancing ease, many videos include calling by Scott Higgs.

If you want more information about this impromptu celebration, please contact us.